Naomi Szakacs

As a nutritionist and health coach I work with  people looking to boost their energy levels, get better sleep and build a greater sense of well being.

My approach is a holistic one that supports my clients, including promoting a better work life balance and personal wellbeing alongside an appropriate diet that works well for the individual or in some cases for whole families. I specialise in the digestive  area including related autoimmune conditions and I have many years experience in allergy and intolerance management. However, I do work with a range of health concerns as the digestive system is so intergral to our overall health. A happy tummy can positively affect our stress and energy levels, promote better sleep  and assist good weight management. With coaching along side nutritional and lifestyle suggestions people tend to stay on track with their individual programs and work through their barriers to achieve their goals.

It is about learning new skills and developing new habits that help manage difficult health related situations better.

Nutritional and Coaching Programmes are always client specific, to help guide you through a process that can be for some quite challenging. You will be supported all the way through your journey.

I offer a full range of nutritional diagnostic testing with many accredited labs. I will only ever suggest testing where it is appropriate, affordable and needed to provide further essential detail. Full guidance and interpretation of all test results is part of the process. Giving you clarity on the next steps forward to achieving better overall health.

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